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So, you think you might want to skip the wedding planner? Unless you have a Monster-In-Law who will micromanage every aspect of your wedding up to and including your wedding day, think again. From choosing the church, synagogue or hall, to finding the perfect priest, rabbi, or minister, to the wedding reception venue, wedding halls, to the hotels, the gown, the fittings, the band, the wedding bands, the caterer, the menu, the photographer, videographer, invitations, decorations, flowers, speeches, limos, the rehearsal dinner, and… you get the idea. All that without even touching the honeymoon plans! There are already dozens of choices to make without the hands-on work it takes to make it all fall into spectacular place. Do yourself a favor, if you’re looking to skip corners, find that perfect wedding gown on sale but don’t skip on the wedding planner. Your wedding planner will be your saving grace as times get rough along the journey. They are the voice of reason during many family debates over where, when, and how much to spend. They are absolutely priceless.
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Consulting packages are usually billed by the hour. The client typically sits with the wedding planner, in the early stages of planning, and asks questions about the areas they have questions on or need help with. Common questions could entail ideas for venues, design, and vendors.

Day of Wedding Coordination

A Day of Coordination wedding planner typically joins the wedding team a couple of weeks before the big day, although they are booked well in advance. This type of wedding planner is used when the bride wants to take responsibility for planning the wedding but still wants someone in charge that magical day to ensure her vision is carried out. With help on how to plan everything timely, go to Wedding Planner checklist.

Full Service Wedding Planning

Full Service Wedding Planning combines Consulting, Day of Coordination, and EVERYTHING in between, which is enormous. The Full Service Wedding Planner runs the show from start to finish. They will recommend venues and vendors that they work with so you know you can trust the end product. The Full Service Wedding Planner is usually involved with planning the decorations, flowers, linens, rentals, and invitations as well as suggesting options for menus, bands, limos, photographers, videographers and just about any element of the wedding. They give invaluable tips on finding the perfect wedding gown, rings, and how to stay calm during this exciting and sometimes trying year-long process.

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