Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most common questions and answers for brides, event planners and Event Locations advertisers:

As a bride, how can I quickly look up wedding venues in my area?

Event Locations offers venues and catering halls listings in NY and NJ area. When accessing our website, you will see a section on the right: Search Wedding Halls in NY and NJ. The venues are categorized by area. Choose the area you are interested in. You may also got to the search page and and choose locations by County.

Who do I get in touch with when I choose my venue?

You can contact venues you liked directly. Phone number, website and email is listed under venue info. Please mention you found them on Event Locations website.

Do you offer wedding services listings other than venues?

Yes. At Event Locations we feature listings for wedding services such as: photography, videography, dental services, DJ, entertainment and more. You will find information on Bridal Shows in NY/NJ, Honeymoon Resorts or Bridal Gowns.

Is Event Locations helpful for Corporate Events planning?

Of course. Venues and locations are perfect for any type of private or corporate event. You can easily find large capacity halls for corporate gala or restaurant for business dinner.

How can my business advertise on Event Locations and its subsidiary websites?

Please go to: contact Event Locations and fill out the simple questionnaire. One of our Sales Representatives will contact you with Media Kit and advertising options.

Where does my business ad appear on Event Locations website?

Clients receive: homepage venue listing, homepage rotating Big Banner, links to their website and/or blog editorial. Venue listing includes photos, customized ad, venue specifications, map, social media links and more.

If you have more questions for us, please contact Event Locations via email or call 212-288-4745.