About Event Locations Inc.

Event LocationsEvent Locations is one of the largest online directories for finding wedding, social or corporate event venues in New York and New Jersey metro area. Brides or event planners can search thru our extensive database of ballrooms or catering halls. You can locate a perfect venue for your next event: wedding, Bar Mitzvah, birthday party, anniversary, family reunion, Christening, corporate functions, meetings, galas, charity events and any other social gathering. We list a variety of locations: restaurants, ballrooms, catering halls, rooftop locations, golf courses, private clubs, historic landmarks, hotels, yachts, large capacity venues, outdoor locations and more.

Event Locations was first published in 1993 as a Locations Magazine. Before that, the company owner and publisher, Joel Scher, used to work as a travel manager for bridal magazines. Then he came up with an idea to produce his own printed guide featuring the most popular event venues in NY/NJ area. For 20 years, the publication was distributed at bookstores and newsstands. The power of iPhone and tablets has shifted the magazine industry so our entire Event Locations Magazine is now online.

Event Locations additional features include the wedding services listings where you can search for photographer or DJ for your event. Choose a Bridal Show to attend and book free tickets to visit their show. Our blog presents the top NY/NJ locations and useful info to plan your event. Read the information about buying the perfect diamond ring or wedding planner guide.

Subsidiary Websites

BrideEvent Locations Inc. owns 50 subsidiary websites. Websites include all sorts of categories, such as: wedding locations, corporate events, reception halls, Bar Mitzvah, catering halls, honeymoon, destination wedding and, recently added, Designers Bridal Gowns. Event Locations also expanded to destination wedding and best honeymoon getaways in Hawaii, Bermuda, St. Martin, Antigua and more.

About Joel Scher

Joel ScherJoel Scher is the Managing Director and Owner of Event Locations Inc. and its 50 subsidiary websites. His extensive experience in travel and bridal industry led him to create Locations Magazine in 1993 and then transitioning its content to online publication. Event Locations is specializing in bridal, special and corporate events industry, adding honeymoon and destination wedding to the list. Joel and his team continue the online advertising business, where, for over 20 years, the company is still one of the leading directories for brides and private/corporate parties planners. Event Locations Inc. office is located in Manhattan, NY.